Sunday, December 6, 2009

Show of the Month for December '09 - Arrested Development

It has begun!
After our first round of voting (and an amazing list of suggestions), we've settled on Arrested Development, a (sadly) short-lived sitcom that aired on Fox from 2003-2006. Arrested Development is single-camera format, and features continuity so detailed that the entire show's run is essentially one long, hilarious running gag.

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Wikipedia link

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to the Reddit TV Club

Why, hello there!

Following on the success of Reddit's Movie Club, the demand for a TV club has been met. It's a place to share and discuss television shows, and even watch them together.

A few rules, to keep everything nice, simple, and friendly:
  • The show of the month will be determined by upvotes: one suggestion per comment, please
  • When suggesting a show, please say if it is available for free viewing online (ex. Netflix, Hulu)
  • Keep this subreddit spoiler free unless in the official discussion thread
  • Off-topic posts will be deleted
  • Let's be nice - personal opinion regarding the shows selected may vary greatly. Mocking and personal attacks are not welcome. Downvoting is discouraged in general.
  • Questions/suggestions for how TV Club operates should be made here
  • Use spoiler tags when revealing any spoiling information! Formatting is : [spoiler](/s "THIS IS A SPOILER")
Hope you got all that. Grab your snacks, it's time to watch some telly!